Máy đọc mã vạch XT15 Mobile Computer

Máy đọc mã vạch XT15 Mobile Computer

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    XT15 - Adaptability by design


    Building on the unique adaptability of the proven Zebra Omnii™ platform, the Omnii XT15 Series raises the bar even higher to deliver the highest levels of ruggedness and functionality.

    With the open source business model — giving you the flexibility and freedom to adapt your device with exactly what you need — and certified IP67 and IP65 rating, the Omnii XT15 Series delivers reliable performance and unparalleled adaptability for the most demanding of environments and applications.


Modular performance

Get the best possible product match for your business needs now — with the ability to adapt for the future.

Extreme versatility

Delivers for the widest range ofusers, uses and environments.

Real-world reliability

Dual IP67 and IP65 ratings certify unique resistance to water submersion, high-pressure water spray and dust intrusion. Omnii XT15’s rugged construction also withstands multiple drops from 2m (6’6”).

In-the-field flexibility

New upgrades, hardware plug-ins and software can be added on-the-go.

Future-proof technology

One device can be redeployed and reconfigured for business change.

Real-time productivity

Automate key processes and improve task efficiencies with anywhere access to the right information.

Investment protection

Zebra's Omnii’s unique modularity extends active service potential.

Simple serviceability

Maintenance can be carried out on-site for minimal disruption and downtime.



Switchable keyboard

• Built for tough environments: tested to one million key actuations, and featuring large buttons for ease-of-use with gloved hands; single push operation with a positive feel ergonomic design

• Choice of 6 styles: alpha-numeric (55 or 59 key), numeric (34 or 36 key), numeric-alpha modified, and QWERTY numeric

• Switch it out on-site: carry out maintenance and repairs in the field, minimising downtime and disruption

Pistol grip

• Robust and removable in the field — simple screws is all it takes.

Push-to-talk speaker/microphone

• Enables walkie-talkie functionality

Integrated 1D, 2D and AutoRange scanners


• 5 solutions fit almost all applications

• Ranges from 6 in. to 50 ft.

• Scan both 1D and 2D bar codes

• Highly sensitive good/bad scan indicators

• Imager Control Services (ICS)

Improved fuzzy logic means you can read poor barcode stampings

Integrated colour camera

• 3 megapixel camera with dual LED flash, auto-focus and zoom control

• Capture damage to goods in transit — even in low light conditions

GPS expansion module

• GPS features new, high-performance antennae, giving faster time to first fix and better accuracy in low-signal areas

• Capture the GPS coordinate of a shipping container in the yard

Desktop docking station

• Includes dual USB ports, serial and Ethernet; plus positive lockdown engagement that charges the device and a spare battery

• Includes quad docking station Vehicle-mount cradles

• Plug in tethered scanners, barcode printers or a range of splitter cables — powered or non-powered options are available