Máy tính cầm tay MC40

Máy tính cầm tay MC40

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    Empower your associates to deliver service that will impress today’s demanding and technology-savvy customers with the MC40. Zebra offers a cool, sleek design that rivals the most popular consumer-style products on the outside and is pure business on the inside — a choice of Android operating systems with Zebra's Mobility Extensions (Mx), enterprise-class durability, security and a comprehensive set of features including advanced barcode scanning, push-to-talk and an integrated magnetic stripe reader.

    The result? Associates can look up the answer to practically any product question on this handheld mobile computer, present product comparisons to help with a buying decision, place an order for next day delivery or in-store pick-up and ring up a sale — all without ever walking away from the customer.





Our Most Advanced Scan Technology

With our proprietary PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology, your workforce can expect unparalleled performance on just about any type of data imaginable — from 1D and 2D barcodes printed on paper or

displayed on a mobile device to photos and fully searchable and editable documents. Even barcodes that are dirty, damaged or poorly printed are captured with laser-style speed. And the extra wide best-in-class working range and field of view, plus omni-directional scanning make barcode capture easier than ever.

Give Your Workers One Device for Voice and Data with Zebra-only Powerful Voice Solutions

Zebra’s Workforce Connect PTT Express client is pre-installed, allowing your workers to use the MC40 as a two-way radio, right out of the box. And support for Workforce Connect Voice (optional) turns

any MC40 into a mobile deskphone with robust PBX functionality.

Comprehensive and Secure

Payment Processing

The integrated magnetic stripe reader allows associates to scan a credit, gift or loyalty card. And with an encrypted head, information is never visible, helping meet PCI regulations.

Rich Photographic Intelligence

The high-resolution 8 MP camera allows associates to easily document the condition of an incoming shipment, a planogram, promotion compliance and more with the quick press of a button.

Better Manage your Associate Workforce with Bluetooth Smart

Support for indoor locationing solutions like Zebra’s MPact Platform allows you to monitor worker location to ensure proper staffing in every area of the store, send task lists based on location and more.

Crystal Clear Voice CallsA speaker with four times the loudness of popular smartphones and noise cancelling technology ensure crystal clear audio on both ends of a call.

User Replaceable Battery for Guaranteed Full Shift Availability

An average of up to 8 to 10 hours of operation on a single charge virtually eliminates downtime due to a dead battery, increasing device utilization.

A Wealth of Battery Metrics For Easy Battery Management

With smart battery technology, you have the real-time intelligence you need to prevent unplanned device downtime due to a dead or unhealthy battery, protecting worker productivity. Technology inside Zebra’s PowerPrecision batteries tracks and maintains the metrics required to provide more meaningful battery statistics including cumulative charge cycle count, battery age, time to empty and time to charge.